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Retail Point Of Sale Intelligence Solution (POSA)


Value : As a premier business intelligence and architecture strategy consulting firm, Mercury Software Consulting, Inc. is uniquely qualified to provide your company with the highest quality business and technical advisory and implementation services available in today’s marketplace.

Companies involved in the Retail Space that have multiple brands, products, geographically distributed stores and franchising operations share the same problem of integrating their Point Of Sale (POS) data from disparate sources in a timely fashion in an environment to provide trends and patterns of their business process without going through cumbersome processes. Mercury Software Consulting’s Retail Intelligence Solution offers companies faced with these problems overcome them by providing them an architectural solution that will provide a huge ROI towards business questions around.

  • Improved Product/Program Measurement.
  • Strategic initiatives and Modeling.
  • Field Sales Manager Portfolio Management.
  • Evaluation of Brand Inititatives
  • Sample Business Questions that can be answered by the Retail Intelligence Solution include:

    • How did the Average Weekly Sales for a product affect related products.
    • Does a product program’s success vary by geography.
    • How did a product’s seasonal sales compare to prior year.
    • What influence do strategic store investments have on a store’s performance.
    • Portfolio view of data by Field Sales Manager.
    • Approach : We conduct an executive workshop to determine client expectations and requirements. We provide the insight into our architectural solution that will offer the client with tangible benefits and gain senior management’s buy-in on strategy.

      Analysis sessions are conducted, requirements verified and prototype developed in a short 16 week duration. The prototype is configured for use in a pilot environment and user training program established. End users are trained on appropriate decision support tools that have been identified and their feedback reworked into the prototype to ensure that all requirements are met. The pilot environment is loaded with existing data from pertinent sources and Quality Control processes exercised to ensure data quality.The production infrastructure is put in place and system transistioned in production.

      Our expertise in the technology products and knowledge from prior implementations reduce the time to implement the solution, minimizing the risk of failure and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

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